I can't imagine NOT starting with my famous catchphrase.  I am Raven Fox, the Aural Sex Goddess and I was born in the sexy virtual world of audio erotica.  Try to ignore the preconceived notions that pop into your mind when you hear the phrase “audio erotica,” because there is so much more to it than porn.  As you discover this virtual world of my own creation, the surprises will be pleasant ones.  Don't worry, I'm a professional.

I'm just your average bisexual nyphomaniac.  Well, to be honest, NOTHING about me is “average.” I discovered erotic audio by accident, while browsing the Literotica website's Text With Audio section.  I am an acousticophile.  I've always been aroused by the sounds of pleasure and this new fascination had me very excited.  One day, I listened to an Australian gentleman, user name SomeAussieGuy.  He didn't just moan as he stroked his cock.  He told a story while he moaned and stroked his cock!  I poured through his entire catalog in a matter of days.  While listening to his story about some sexy fun in the kitchen, I had my first hands-free orgasm!  I emailed him and was thrilled to get a response back.  Robbie and I corresponded for a while, a little friendly, a little flirty.  He encouraged me to record an audio of my own, so I made one called “Robbie Lite.”  It got a fantastic response and I loved the attention.  Next, I recorded “Dancing With You.”  Soon thereafter, I was emailed with a commission offer.  He wanted a story and a JOI (jerk off instruction.)  I was paid $50 for both stories and RavenFox Audio was born!

I've always been a writer, but this was a creative outlet that I didn't realize I needed.  Erotic audio was a way for me to take control of my own sexuality. I taught myself how to write audio scripts, which are vastly different than those meant for a visual medium.  I taught myself some rudimentary sound engineering.  What started out as a way to get off and earn a little extra income has become my full-time job and my art.  Yes, erotic audio is an art form that I take very seriously.

So feel free to peruse my catalog of pre-made recordings, or if you're in need of something more... personal, get in contact with me so I can bring your most forbidden fantasies to life.  Until then, my sexy boys & girls, stay naughty.