Commission Me


So, you want a little one-on-one time with the Goddess? Well, if you are into one-on-one. Personally, I am into AAAAAAAAAlmost anything, but this is about you, not me. Or really, me as well, since what I want is to create the perfect fantasy for you.  Now, how do we go about doing that? 

 Personalized/customized audios start at $80 USD, before any applicable discounts. This is a bare-bones minimum.  If your story idea requires multiple voice tracks, special sound effects (such as a narrator/thought voice, heels clicking, whip cracking, etc) music, or a lengthy or complex story line, then your cost will be more.  However, you will ALWAYS know the cost of your audio before I record it, so don't worry about that.  In fact, I usually send out three options of different prices so you can choose which version of the story you want and know exactly how much it will cost you. No surprise costs, I promise.  Also, you don't have to submit a script at all!  You can just tell me your ideas and I will create an amazing story just for you.